Save on your personal Purchases

Save money when you buy products from us. You can register and enjoy purchasing our products at the discounted prices. You can buy products for yourself and your family without breaking the bank.

Sell and Make Money

Start your own Beauty Business by registering as a Consultant with Black Gem Cosmetics. As a registered consultant, you can buy our products at a minimum of 25% discount. You get to benefit from sales and promotions that the company runs. You can also participate in Incentive programs such as overseas travel which happens every year. You also participate in company trainings and events the company holds.
It is very simple! Show the catalog to your friends , family, colleagues and let the orders begin to roll in. The difference between the consultant price and the retail price is yours for the taking.
Simply register with N14,175 to start your own Black Gem Beauty Business.

Refer and make money

This is the 3rd level of the Black Gem Business. You can refer the people you know to also become Black Gem Consultants. Every day, you recommend products to people without getting paid for it. Well, you can start getting paid for your referrals. You can earn as much as 15% on your direct referrals to Black Gem.
Simply ask your friends and colleagues if they would like to be part of the Black Gem Community. If they say yes, you can register them using your special referral link with Black Gem. They can start shopping immediately and you can start earning too.